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Facebook to launch Mobile Location-tracking App by Mid-March

Posted by Perception System Sunday, February 10, 2013

Facebook Launch Mobile Location Tracker
One of the biggest and most popular social networking sites, Facebook is working on a new mobile application ‘Location-tracking’ that helps users to search for their friends, who are nearby according to Bloomberg reports. This new application will track the location of users through their smart-phones, and it will also run when the program is not working on a mobile phone.

The social networking giant is planning to launch this wonderful application by mid-march, but Facebook refused to comment on the Bloomberg report. As per the reports, a Mobile Location-tracking application is developed by engineers Glancee and Gowalla.

When it comes to talk about the current application of Facebook, it allows people to permit other people where they are by "checking in" at any landmark. But the upcoming application is more interesting as it constantly track users once the application is started.

Facebook is adding features to help it profit from the surging portion of its more than 1 billion users who access the service via handheld devices. The tracking app could help Facebook sell ads based on users' whereabouts and daily habits. It may also raise the hackles of consumers and privacy advocates concerned about the company's handling of personal information.

According to the reports, this much anticipated project is lead by Peter Deng, former Microsoft and Google employee, now director of Facbook’s various products. Well, the release date of this application is still not declared, but this application surely warns various users after all this application will track the location.

By launching this application, the company would get help to increase its revenue from ads that are based on users’ locations and daily habits. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, before the app could track users' whereabouts, they would first need to download it and would probably need to give the app permission to track them”.

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