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BlackBerry10 Twitter App to easily upload Photos & New Features

Posted by Perception System Monday, March 11, 2013

Twitter for Blackberry 10 OS Download here

We all know that last week, lots of new and innovative features were updated to Twitter’s iOS and Android apps to enhance search as well as remove access to different video services. But now, finally it’s turn for BlackBerry 10 application. BlackBerry has upgraded various new features and improvements in BlackBerry Twitter application that are requested by its users. Now, BlackBerry Z10 users can easily take a new picture or they can also add existing one as the company introduces an improved Tweet screen for BlackBerry v10.0.1.

Within the app, patrons can also develop direct messages from the Me tab. In this application, a new conversation view feature is also added that displays a complete history after clicking a tweet. When it comes to its enhanced menu, it comes with a range of tools to quote a tweet after selecting “retweet” and “Open Tweet” menu to view tweet details. The renew Twitter also comes with enhance image viewing, span blocking/reporting options, profile editing, tweet deletion and many more.

Twitter for Blackberry 10 OS Download here

Today, BlackBerry 10 OS is considered as a leading and most popular operating system that equipped with a bunch of applications, so these updated features for BB10 makes it more powerful and user-friendly for users. BlackBerry Z10 is a first device that runs on BlackBerry 10 OS, so users are expecting something innovative and pioneering to enjoy. Through updated features of Twitter application, it becomes much easy for you to edit your profile, picture, and header, add details and more from your BB10 smart-phone.

Twitter for Blackberry 10 OS Download here

Apart from this, you can also enjoy improved image viewing as you are able to view pic.twitter.com full screen picture and enjoy zoom and pan images from the Tweet details. You are also allowed to view full and detail screen profile picture from other Twitter users. In short, we can say that all the new and added features and upgrades of BlackBerry Twitter app are completely best that offer something new to enjoy with your smart-phone.

If you are also looking to add your desired features or want to get your own application for BlacKBerry 10, you can hire Blackberry10 developers from any reputed BlackBerry application development company.


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