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FaceQuiz – A Wonderful Time-burner Game Created by Perception System

Posted by Perception System Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Download FaceQuiz Application For itunes and Android by perception system pvt ltd

When it comes to talk about some wonderful games, FaceQuiz is an excellent game that strikes in my mind. Developed by Perception System, a leading mobile application development company, FaceQuiz is like a Quiz game in which you will get quizzes related to celebrities. Perception System developed this game for all those game lovers, who love to play new and exciting games in their free-time. Packed with complete excitement, FaceQuiz game comes with new quizzes related to celebrities and other famous personalities.

In this sizzling game, you need to identify the name of the celebrity. You will see pictures of different and famous personalities such as actor, actress, dancer, singer, businessman and any other eminent personality. You just have to identify the person by his/her picture and have to name it. The best and interesting thing about this game is that you can also post the image on your Facebook wall to ask your friends. However, you will also get some hints in this game while playing, but if you are unable to give a correct answer, you can ask it from your friends by posting it on Facebook wall.

I think it is one of the most interesting games that you will surely love to play after all you have to recognize the face of celebrities. You can download this game in your iPhone or iPad and have a huge fun with your friends, family members, and near & dear ones. You can play this game any time and anywhere to turn your boring time into entertaining one. However, you will get pictures of such celebrities whom you see every time in magazines, televisions and events. You may find picture of your favorite celebrity or the one whom you hate. You will surely enjoy playing this game, so download it in your iPhone or iPad from Apple App store and enjoy. Make sure you do not skip any face, if you want to score high. You will get some hints as well, but cannot skip any picture.

In this FaceQuiz game, there are more than 400 pictures of popular celebs, businessmen, singers and more. So if you are also looking to get your own such game that you have in your mind, you can make your way towards Perception System, a dedicated mobile application development company in India. You can hire a mobile game developer from this company and get highly entertaining, sizzling and thrilling games to play.


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