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PhoneGap 3.0 Version Release with Better Plug-in Architecture, Tools & APIs

Posted by Perception System Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Update in PhoneGap Version By PERCEPITON SYSTEM PVT LTD

Finally, Adobe has launched PhoneGap 3.0 version that comes with better plug-in architecture, tools and APIs. To make cross-platform mobile application development easier for developers, this new platform comes with dynamic features that allow programmers to generate excellent quality mobile applications using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 web technologies. As we all know that PhoneGap is one of the most popular tools for developers that packed with incomparable functionalities to make the work of developers a lot easier.

The new version comes with a new and powerful plug-in architecture that keeps your application small and fast. Adobe also says that the new plug-in architecture also allows users to just include the APIs that they need and automatically plug-ins installed or removed. To switch on this powerful platform is a great idea for experts as they do not need the SDK and it also offers native platform support for Windows Phone 8, iOS6 and Blackberry 10. Moreover, PhoneGap also integrated with many new APIs for in-app browsing and globalization.
New Update in PhoneGap 3.0 Version By PERCEPITON SYSTEM PVT LTD

All the tools that are installed in PhoneGap are anticipated to develop fast, user-friendly and excellent applications that work on different mobile platforms without any hassle. The company also allied the command line tools for developers, who can use to work with PhoneGap. Before developers had to learn new vocalularies, but now the company added new tools with PhoneGap. Few days, the company also added support for user-submitted plug-ins to PhoneGap build.

Now, there are lots of people, who are looking forward to get support for Fifrefox OS and Ubuntu. The company says that it working extremely hard to provide its users Firefox OS and Ubuntu support and the team of Adobe is also working on making the transition to iOS7. One of the best things about this new version is that it aligned all native platforms CLI tooling to a common nomenclature.

Now, PhoneGap developers are allowed to sift between Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows Phone without any new workflows like compiling, kicking up, creating projects and more. You can also install the Adobe PhoneGap version that enables for easy interaction with PhoneGap build. The distribution of this framework is compatible with the lower level Apache Cordova, so you can easily use both tools side by side.

For More Information About new PhoneGap 3.0 Version Then Click here: Official Website of PhoneGap



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